All-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Release

Jeep reveals the new Wrangler Rubicon at the 2017 LA Auto Show

The flagship of the Jeep brand, the Wrangler is one of the most easily-recognized vehicles in America. When Jeep announces a new-generation of the Wrangler, it’s an event as momentous as Halley’s Comet: both rare and much-anticipated.


Highlights to the new-gen Jeep include a better turning radius, stronger crawl ratio, a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine option, some modern interior upgrades, added technology for infotainment and safety, and upcoming diesel engine and hybrid-electric powertrain options.

Mopar shows what it can do with the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

As old school as the Wrangler might be, being the “Jeep” most people refer to when they use the brand’s name, this newest edition marks only its fourth generation since its consumer market debut in the 1980s. Since then, design details have changed, but the overall appearance of the Wrangler hasn’t morphed too far from the original. Technology has improved the Wrangler’s capabilities and performance, but the tradition of being as rough-and-tumble as they come and as iconic to off-roading as it can be has remained intact.

On the exterior, the new Wrangler retains the well-recognized slotted grille and round headlamps that have defined this SUV since it first appeared as a military vehicle in the 1940s. Trapezoidal fenders and a short wheelbase on a square body also remain. The legendary capability to remove doors, lower the windshield, and remove the top are also part and parcel in the new-generation Wrangler. As are heavy bumpers, ready-for-action tires, and a tailgate-mounted full-sized spare tire.

The dimensions of the new 2018 Wrangler JL are a bit larger than the outgoing Jeep, with an overall length of 166.8 inches (4,237mm) for the two-door model, versus 164.3 inches for the previous gen. Width and height remain almost the same, though, at 73.8 inches (1,875 mm) and 73.6 inches (1,868.4 mm) respectively, compared to the 73.7 and 72.5 of the JK. The Wrangler’s wheelbase will extend in the new version by about an inch and a half at 96.8 inches (2,460) from the current-gen’s 95.4 inches. The four-door models have a similar growth in size as well.

The soft top now uses plastic rails that snap into place on the roll bars, eliminating...

A big surprise might come when noting the overhangs on the new Wrangler. Despite the modest lengthening of the SUV, overhangs increase significantly with the 2018 model having 29.2 and 40.8 inches front and rear (741.6, 1,036.3 mm). That’s about 2.5 and 10 inches longer than the outgoing Wrangler’s 26.7 and 30.6 inch overhangs.

These changes in dimensions mean that the new Jeep would have a very different turning dynamic if linkages remained the same. Jeep changed those, however, giving the new steering ratio a boost from 16.7:1 to 17.4:1, which kept the turning radius about the same at 34.5 feet (curb-to-curb) versus 34.6 – roughly 10.5 meters. Turns increased a tad from 3.5 lock-to-lock to 3.6.

Another benefit of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler’s redesign is in approach, breakover, and departure angles. The new generation has a 41.4-degree approach angle on its base model and a 44-degree angle on its Rubicon edition. All about two degrees better than the outgoing model’s approach. Breakover and departure angles see improvements of about the same two degrees, starting at 25 degrees for the base and 27.8 for the Rubicon and 35.9 for the base and 37 for the Rubicon, respectively. Ground clearance also improves dramatically, jumping from 8.3 in the base model current-generation Wrangler to 9.7 and up to 10.8 in the new-generation base and Rubicon.

Jeep also says that it’s improved the new 2018 Wrangler’s weight by using aluminum on the hood and doors, and magnesium alloy on the tailgate. These weight losses, however, seem to be offset by other changes as the curb weight for the new-generation JL is a few hundred pounds heavier than the equivalent model in the outgoing JK. The 2017 Wrangler Sport weighs in at about 3,760 pounds (1,403 kg) whereas the new 2018 Wrangler Sport in its base configuration weighs about 3,955 pounds.  It’s the Rubicon model that seems to benefit the most from these weight-saving measures, having just a handful of pounds added (4,145 current versus 4,129 outgoing).

Added for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler in the new JL platform is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder

Also heavily anticipated for the 2018 new-generation Wrangler are engine and powertrain options. Everything is improved here, starting from the base model V6 to a newly-added turbocharged four-cylinder. Jeep promises that a 3.0-liter diesel and a hybrid-electric option are also coming, but has not yet released specifications for those. Most assume that the hybrid won’t be around until 2019 while the diesel will be introduced sometime mid-year in 2018, having only recently received US government approval.

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler will continue with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 it’s been using for years, but that engine sees several upgrades commensurate with what it’s seen in other Fiat-Chrysler models it’s used in. For reference, engine displacement and outputs remain unchanged from 2017 at 285 horsepower (209 kW) and 260 pound-feet (353 Nm) with RPM peaks for those outputs also staying the same (6,400 and 4,800 respectively). The greatest changes are a lower compression ratio, down to 10.2:1 from 11.3:1, and a resulting lower oil and coolant requirement (down 1 liter for oil, 3 liters for coolant), reducing weight. Added to the upgraded 3.6L is engine stop-start for improved efficiency, now rated at 17 mpg city, 23 mpg highway, 19 mpg combined (13.8/10.2/12.4 l/100km) for the standard transmission and 18/23/20 mpg (13.1/10.2/11/8 l/100km) for the automatic transmission-equipped model. This engine is now built in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

Added for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler in the new JL platform is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. This engine outputs 270 horsepower (200 kW) and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) at lower RPM (5,250/3,000) than the V6. This means that the turbo-four will have about the same output as the V6, but deliver it faster and with better torque to boot. Off-roaders understand why that makes a big difference as torque is what it’s all about. Fuel efficiency numbers aren’t released yet, but this little engine has the same towing capacity as does the V6 and will use the same transmissions. It’s a part of the same engine family developed by Ferrari for Alfa Romeo, and will be built in Chrysler’s Trenton, Michigan plant with overflow coming from Termoli, Italy.

Highlights to the new-gen Jeep include a better turning radius, stronger crawl ratio, a new turbocharged...

The 2018 Jeep’s transmissions are an eight-speed automatic, which has been seen in many Chrysler-Jeep vehicles in recent years, and a six-speed manual transmission similar to that offered in previous-generation Wrangler models. Both have improved gearing at the lower end to add more torque than ever before. The automatic, which is standard in the I4-equipped Wrangler and optional on the V6, has a first-gear ratio of 4.71 and a second-gear of 3.13. The manual trans has a 5.13 and 2.63 first and second gear ratio. Those are both about a point higher than the first and second gear ratios of the outgoing model’s transmissions.

Transfer case ratios remain almost identical from the outgoing to the new-gen, with crawl ratios of 2.72 to 4.1 from base model Sport to legendary Rubicon. Front and rear axles also remain the same Dana 30/35 and Dana 44 offerings from the current-generation, but with slightly different ratios (3.45 vs old-gen 3.21) in the base model.

The chassis for the 2018 Wrangler remains body-on-frame, of course, but the front axle moves from a live axle to a solid axle configuration, keeping the sway-bar disconnect system as standard equipment for the Rubicon. Shock absorption depends upon the package and wheel size, but remains equivalent to what was offered in the outgoing 2017 Wrangler.

Also added to the 2018 Wrangler's interior are creature comforts like a usable arm rest between...

Braking in the 2018 Wrangler gets more robust, though, with rotors up front changing to 12.9x.94 inch (330×24 mm) vented rotors on the Sport model and 12.9×1.1 (330x28mm) on the Sahara and Rubicon models. Calipers are now 1.88-in (48mm) twin-pistons on the Sport and 2-inch (51 mm) twin-piston on the Sahara and Rubicon. Rear rotors and calipers are 12.9x.47-inch (328×12 mm) rotors on the Sport and 13.4x.55 (342×13 mm) on the Sahara and Rubicon. Calipers are 1.77-inch (45mm) and 1.88-inch (48mm) on those models as well. Stopping power is about the same, with larger rotors and slightly smaller calipers for the new-generation Jeep compared to the outgoing models.

On the inside of the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler, we can see use of the newest-generation Uconnect infotainment, remedying a chief complaint we’ve had with Wrangler models in the past. Also added are creature comforts like a usable arm rest between the front seats, more head and leg room, and an easier-to-use soft top. The soft top now uses plastic rails that snap into place on the roll bars, eliminating the yoga-inspired engineering required for installation of the soft tops of old. The new roll cage’s profile and the soft top’s installation method mean less wind buffeting at speed, Jeep engineers say. Jeep also labeled hinges and release points for doors, windscreen, etc. with the tool required to remove them (tools come as standard equipment), simplifying the learning curve.

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler was revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and is expected to enter showrooms in January of 2018. Fiat-Chrysler has promised more information about the new Wrangler before it hits the streets publicly, as well as estimated release dates for the diesel and hybrid powertrains, along with their specifications.

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2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

Jeep just released the first official images of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, JL. And while it looks a lot like the current JK, there are a number of notable differences.

Here’s what Jeep had to say in its press release:

The most capable SUV ever delivers even more legendary Jeep® 4×4 capability, a modern design that stays true to the original, advanced fuel-efficient powertrains, more open-air options, and is loaded with more safety features and advanced technology than ever before. The all-new Wrangler’s unique design includes an instantly recognizable keystone-shaped grille, iconic round headlamps and square tail lamps, improved aerodynamics, a convenient fold-down windshield for off-road purists, even more open-air freedom, and dozens of different door, top and windshield combinations.

And here are a few photos:

The photo above seems to show a windshield that folds while keeping the A-pillar in place. The current JK takes that pillar with it in what is a painstaking process to get the windshield down. Jeep says the JL’s windshield-folding process is “convenient,” which already makes it 100 times better than the JK’s.

You can also see what looks like a vent behind the front fender and a turn signal on the front of it. The interior looks to show a manually-activated transfer case (like the Jeep gods intended), a manual transmission (like the Jeep gods intended), a real hand-brake (like the Jeep gods intended).

Here’s another photo from the top. The hood looks pretty. Frankly, the whole thing looks pretty (especially with the headlights that carve themselves into the grille), though I haven’t decided what I think about that beltline running along the doors in that top photo.


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The 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody is a muscle car that flexes harder — and wider. The new widebody design fender flares add width and an aggressive look to the high-performance 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody.

Dodge and SRT enthusiasts have been clamoring for a factory-production Hellcat with even more grip. We listened. To start, Dodge engineers and designers took the world’s fastest quarter-mile production car,* the new Challenger SRT Demon, and transferred its style to the new 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody for improved performance on the street and a bolder, more aggressive new look.

Here’s a taste of what the 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody has in store …

Fenders, Tires and Intimidating Design
You wanted more grip? You got it. With the new Widebody fender flares that add 3.5 inches to the overall width of the Challenger Hellcat, the Widebody model joins the Challenger SRT Demon as the widest Challengers ever. These wider fender flares cover the new 20 x 11-inch “Devil’s Rim” split-five-spoke aluminum wheels, which ride on new, wider 305/35ZR20 Pirelli P-Zero tires with a new tread pattern for added grip on the road and the track.

Complementing the 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody’s menacing stance is a power-bulge aluminum hood with center intake and dual heat extractors; Hellcat-exclusive new grille and fender badges, along with a raised SRT Hellcat badge on the rear spoiler; exclusive illuminated air-catcher headlamps that feed air directly into the air box and engine bay through the center of the parking lamps; and quad projector headlamps that give a unique detailed appearance, while the aggressive brow “chops” the upper portion of the lamp design for a sinister look.
Supercharged Hellcat Performance
Under the hood, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody owns the road and the track. Powered by the 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI® V8 with 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody can be paired to either the Tremec six-speed manual or TorqueFlite® eight-speed automatic transmission.
On the track, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody boasts a top speed of 195 mph, and 0-60 mph acceleration improved by .1 second (3.4 in Widebody vs. 3.5 in standard Hellcat). Even more, the ¼-mile elapsed time (ET) improved by approximately .3 sec (10.9 ET in Widebody vs. 11.2 ET in standard Hellcat), while the road course lap time on a 1.7-mile track lowered by approximately 2 seconds per lap. Lateral skid pad grip increased by .04 g (.97 g in Widebody vs. .93 g in standard Hellcat).
Upgraded Steering and Handling
The 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody is equipped with a new electric power steering (EPS) system with SRT Drive Modes that add new selectable steering tuning for the first time on a Hellcat model. The new EPS and SRT Drive modes offer drivers a tailored experience by controlling horsepower, transmission shift speeds, steering, paddle shifters (automatic transmission only), traction and suspension. On the road and the track, owners will experience improved handling, and will notice better steering feel and ease of turning efforts at parking lot speeds.

In addition to steering, the 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody features a standard Brembo® brake system that includes two-piece 15.4-inch front rotors and six-piston front calipers that help provide outstanding heat management and longevity. And for even more control, the front splitter (shared with Demon) and rear spoiler (from Hellcat) deliver responsive and balanced handling at high speed.

Get Behind the Wheel
The new 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody completes the Dodge brand’s most powerful muscle car lineup ever, and will be available late summer of 2017 in 15 exterior color options. Visit to reserve yours today!


Here’s a look at everything the Jeep Wrangler Chief can bring to your next beachcombing adventure.

Performance Components | Jeep Wrangler Chief

When it comes to 4×4 performance, the Jeep Wrangler Chief Edition doesn’t just conquer the sand — the Chief owns every obstacle and challenge. Performance components include 32-inch BF Goodrich® KM off-road tires; Dana 30 front axle and heavy-duty Dana 44 rear axle; 3.21 axle ratio standard, 3.73 axle ratio optional; Command-Trac® transfer case with 2.72:1 ratio; and standard front and rear black tow hooks.

Exterior Features | Jeep Wrangler Chief

The Jeep Wrangler Chief knows how to handle itself near the surf, and looks every part of a leader in off-road performance. Exterior features on the Jeep Wrangler Chief include Gloss White Beltline accent decals; Gloss White heritage 4WHEEL DRIVE swing-gate decal; chrome CHIEF fender badges; body-color grille with Fine Silver Metallic accents and Jeep brand badge; power dome vented hood; Fine Silver Metallic side mirror accents; Fine Silver Metallic front and rear bumper accents; White Freedom Top® hardtop standard, optional Dual Top with premium Sunrider® soft top; side steps; black fuel filler door and taillamp guards; body-color fender flares and deep-tint windows.

Interior Details | Jeep Wrangler Chief

Owning the trail begins with commitment and dedication, and a state of mind that starts on the inside. Fortunately, the Jeep Wrangler Chief knows just when to look inward for inspiration. Interior details on the Jeep Wrangler Chief include a nine-speaker Alpine® Premium Audio System with all-weather subwoofer; heated black leather-trimmed seats with Light Diesel Gray accent stitching; silver passenger grab handle with CHIEF imprint; leather-wrapped steering wheel with silver accents and Light Diesel Gray accent stitching; vinyl-wrapped front door armrests and center console lid with Light Diesel Gray accent stitching; silver vent rings and door handles; Power Convenience Group; and sport bar grab handles.

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Kentucky Derby

Louisville, KY was full of horsepower this past weekend. Ram Trucks was the official truck of the 143rd Kentucky Derby® on May 6th at Churchill Downs®. Ram Trucks entered its eighth consecutive year as the exclusive automotive partner to the races.





To celebrate Ram Truck’s continuing tradition with Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, the trainer of the winning horse, Todd Pletcher, was rewarded a one-of-a-kind special 143rdDerby edition Ram 2500 Limited truck. The special truck is in Brilliant Black and includes blue Kentucky Derby 143rd logos on the left and right rear panels and a hand-painted Kentucky Derby rose badge on the grille.







The races began on Friday, May 5, and were opened by the Kentucky Oaks Survivors Parade. The parade is a march of breast and ovarian cancer survivors and supporters. Those who attended the races, as well as fans at home, had the opportunity to check out Ram Truck’s Pink-wrapped Ram 3500 Limited dually leading the march. The Ram ProMaster® and the Ram ProMaster City® were the official transport of the traditional garlands for each day’s winning horses.

From Ram Trucks badges on the jockeys themselves to onsite truck displays, Ram Trucks had a strong presence both onsite and during the on-air broadcast.

 Ram Trucks surely dominated the field this past weekend at Churchill Downs.

Jeep’s Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee is a rolling monument to horsepower

jeep grand cherokee trackhawk news performance specs pics

Jeep has borrowed the vaunted Hellcat engine from sister company Dodge and stuffed it under the Grand Cherokee’s hood. Named Trackhawk, the supercharged off-roader will be one of the uncontested stars of this week’s New York Auto Show.

Dropping the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 in the Grand Cherokee’s engine bay was easier said than done. Earlier reports suggested Jeep needed to either ditch four-wheel drive in favor of rear-wheel drive, or settle for using a detuned version of the Hellcat engine. In the end, engineers managed to clear every hurdle and they avoided making compromises.

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The legendary off-road icon is getting even more capability to tackle the most demanding trails — introducing the new 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition.

Designed for improved off-road prowess with  an upgraded front axle, enhanced rock rails and heavy-duty cast differential covers, the new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition is equipped with even more protection for die-hard 4×4 enthusiasts who seek the most severe, rugged terrain. The new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition also looks every part of a four-wheel-drive icon, with new exterior and interior enhancements and unique color options.

Performance Upgrades

Based on the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon model, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition ups the off-road ante with a front axle upgrade that features strengthened tubes and heavy-duty end forgings, heavy-duty cast front and rear differential covers and enhanced off-road rock rails that are shortened to accommodate up to 35-inch tires.

Distinctive Design

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition is one dominant 4×4 vehicle, and it comes complete with a toughened exterior appearance to match. A Low Gloss Black grille with Low Gloss Granite Crystal inserts and headlamp rings, Low Gloss Black off-road bumpers and Jeep badge with a red base add aggressive style. In addition, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition includes a distinctive half-inch lift, new 17-inch Low Gloss Granite Crystal-painted aluminum wheels wrapped in 32-inch BF Goodrich KM off-road tires, optional body-color fender flares and a dual-vented Power Dome hood with a black-silhouette “Rubicon” decal on both sides. Finally, the winch-capable steel front bumper is equipped with removable end caps for climbing obstacles, while unique red tow hooks complete the rugged appearance.

Color Options

Covering the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition in mud is fun, sure. But you may want to wash it off occasionally to reveal one of seven available colors on the four-wheel-drive icon:  Black, Bright White, Billet Silver, Firecracker Red, Gobi, Rhino and Granite Crystal.

Interior Highlights

Inside, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition comes with the bold style and design of black leather-trimmed heated front seats with red accent stitching and a “Rubicon” embroidered logo, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The Recon theme continues with black vinyl-wrapped front door armrests and console lid with black stitching, red accent netting on front and rear door pockets and the center console, and red accent-colored seatbelts. The passenger grab handle features Midnight Star Black accents that are also found on the vent rings, steering wheel spokes and door pulls. A unique gauge cluster features exclusive Recon styling.

Final Touches

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition is rounded out with details and touches like all-weather slush mats with a red accent “Jeep” logo and red-accented axle locker and sway-bar disconnect switches. The Jeep Connectivity Group, Power Convenience Group, remote start* and automatic temperature control are also standard.
Ready to take the trail? To learn more about the new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition, visit

Ram Trucks Launched Heavy Duty Night Models

Ram Trucks revealed both of the Heavy Duty models for the first time at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. Based on the Sport appearance package, the Night adds blacked-out features, including wheels, grille surround and badging, to deliver an eye-catching twist on the performance-enthusiast package.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd – these Heavy Duty Night models will do just that.

The new Ram Heavy Duty Night package adds:

  • Black grille surround with black billet inserts
  • Bold “RAM” tailgate with blackened-out lettering from Ram Power Wagon®
  • Black Ram’s head grille badge
  • Flat black Ram 2500 or 3500 Heavy Duty door badge
  • Flat black 4×4 tailgate badge (if applicable)
  • Flat black powertrain door badging

The Night package is available on Ram 2500 and 3500 (single-rear-wheel models only) in Crew Cab configurations, 4×2 or 4×4, and any available powertrain combination (5.7L HEMI® V8, 6.4L HEMI V8 or 6.7L Cummins® I-6).

Ram 2500 and 3500 HD Night models are available in Bright Silver Metallic, Bright White, Brilliant Black Crystal, Delmonico Red Pearl and Granite Crystal Metallic.

Production of the 2017 Ram HD Night models began early February 2017. Ram Heavy Duty Night pricing starts at $45,520 MSRP, plus $1,320 destination.

Chrysler Pacifica named: Best of 2017


The Pacifica’s anti-van styling and innovative features will wow families, and will likely catch the eye of even the most minivan-averse. Outside, this Chrysler’s curvy lines and elegant face are a radical stylistic departure from the Town & Country’s look. But it’s inside where it scores the biggest points, packing loads of features — and a few surprises.

Like most minivans, the Pacifica has seating for seven or eight across three rows, but where it excels is in the features department. Loads of available creature comforts will keep Mom, Dad and the kids happy, from an available built-in vacuum cleaner and revised Stow ‘n Go seats to the van’s plentiful USB ports for device charging and its Uconnect theater’s twin touchscreens with built-in apps for rear-seat entertainment.

But it drives well, too. Long and heavy, minivans are not known for their handling prowess, but Chrysler made great strides with the Pacifica. It’s much less of a chore to drive than the old Town & Country, with improved handling and maneuverability, especially when parking. It feels tighter and more composed in corners, and ride quality is better, too. Driving a minivan doesn’t have to be a chore and with the Pacifica, it’s a delight.

It’s also one of the most fuel-efficient vans in its class with an EPA rating of 22 mpg on the highway. But it can do better. In plug-in hybrid trim — the segment’s only hybrid — it’s EPA-rated at 84 mpg-equivalent during electric-only driving and has an electric-only range of 33 miles. When driven like a traditional hybrid, it’s EPA-rated at 32 mpg — 10 mpg better than the gasoline-only 2017 Toyota Sienna with front-wheel drive and 12 mpg more than the 2017 Kia Sedona.

In many ways, Chrysler turned the minivan segment upside down with its new Pacifica. It out-styles, out-drives and just plain out-wows the rest of the class. With the Best of 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, it’s families who win.


5 Mopar Accessories to Help Make Your Chrysler Pacifica the Complete Travel Companion

Not only does the All-New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica offer up slick and sporty style, it’s the perfect vehicle for all your family needs. Mopar accessories let you take your active-family lifestyle a step further with everything from sports and cargo carriers to premium protection parts.

1) Haul the bikes and venture the trail with the Thule Hitch-Mount Bicycle Carrier.

The hitch-mount carrier sets the standard for performance and ease of use, with an improved swingaway design that allows for rapid rear-vehicle access. The T3 cradles lock down bikes while still allowing complete adjustment along the bike arm, and the no-sway cage helps prevent bike-to-bike contact.

2) Travel cross-country and store your items in the Weatherproof Luggage Carrier.

This heavy-duty, black nylon carrier can easily be installed to provide additional storage space. The Weatherproof Luggage Carrier can be used with production-style roof racks with cross bars, sport utility bars or removable roof racks.

3) Load up the kayak and surfboards with the Thule Roof-Mount Watersports Equipment Carrier.

The Watersports Equipment Carrier provides the perfect combination of stability and simplicity in a single package. The low-friction design provides the slickest and easiest way to load a kayak, combining hull conformance and lateral stability.

4) Protect and keep your carpet clean with All-Weather Floor Mats.

These floor mats created for all weather types are molded in color and feature deep ribs to hold water, snow and mud—a must during inclement weather.

5) Prepare to hit the slopes with the Thule Roof-Mount Ski & Snowboard Carrier.

With an oversized push button for easy opening while wearing gloves, the carrier fits shaped, traditional and blade-style skis and most snowboards. It carries up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards and secures to utility or roof-rack crossbars.